How to draft a perfect pitch?

23 November, 2022


On 25 November at the ITU Startup Central Eurasia Forum Farrukh Ali wil provide a training for stratups “How to draft a perfect pitch”.

Farrukh Ali is an expert with more than 5 years of startup experience and 10 years experience in innovation, project management, strategy management and corporate communications.

“I believe in the power of entrepreneurship in solving the problems of communities, society and the world in large. As a social entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of, I have built a platform that unites small and medium size farmers and facilitates delivery of products from rural areas of Azerbaijan to the customers in capital city. The startup addressed the pressing problems of the farmers having difficulties in bringing their products to the market.” – he claims

For more than 10 years, he has been enriching a set of imperative skills including communication, strategy management, project management and stakeholder management skills through working in diverse sectors such as banking and insurance, oil and gas and international institutions.

The Forum will be held in a hybrid format (physical + online) in English and Russian.

To participate, please, fill in the form.

Place: The Landmark Hotel Baku (90A Nizami St, Baku). More information is provided at the ITU website

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