TrustMe from Kazakhstan: meet the ITU SCE Forum participant

17 November, 2022


TrustMe is a company that has established the digital trust ecosystem SEEPACT based on ESG principles. ESG – Environment, Social, Governance – refers to the assessment of business through its environmental, social and governance performance.

"The Sustainable Development Goals, adopted in 2015 by the United Nations, served as a universal call to action to prevent resource depletion and protect the planet. 

In line with these values, our team developed the SEEPACT global initiative, which has two strands: a declaration and an IT platform.

In 2021, we presented the SEEPACT declaration, which has already been endorsed by over 100 entrepreneurs. 

In order to implement SEEPACT in practice, our company TrustMe has created an IT platform that connects businesses and people, enabling them to successfully communicate with each other and develop business. This functionality includes searching for investors, partners, clients, employees, employers, etc.

To the participants of the community we are going to provide the whole set of services for implementation of ESG principles in the manufacturing enterprises and directly in the community. This set includes training, consulting, auditing, compliance, informal networking and media support. Based on the results of this work, each company will be given an ESG rating.

In parallel, foreign investment funds will be brought into our IT platform as users. The aim is to create a chain of interaction between domestic companies and the international business community," says Eldar Mamlin, CEO of SEEPACT.

The SEEPACT ecosystem consists of several services:

TrustCompany – information about ESG-oriented companies in Kazakhstan;

TrustPlaces – a search and selection service for venues;

TrustPeople – online profile of informed people;

TrustContract – service for signing contracts online;

TrustBusiness – office for growing your business;

TrustRating – rating platform for community members (soon...).

The most in-demand service at the moment is TrustContract, which allows users to sign contracts online in 90 seconds via SMS. This solution replaces the use of EDSs, which often cause difficulties.

This service can be used by companies as well as by ordinary people who need to sign an agreement. For example, a flat owner can use TrustContract to sign a rental agreement. The advantage over the usual signing of documents is that the program automatically reads any change to the contract and makes the procedure as transparent as possible. 

With TrustContract more than 6,000 contracts have already been signed. At the moment more than 60 companies are actively using TrustContract. 

The IT service can also analyse the market situation and offer the landlord the most up-to-date price. This function would be especially useful in Kazakhstan now that a lot of people have been relocating to the country and the demand for rental accommodation has increased. With prices going up every day, landlords could, in less than a month, terminate a contract and ask for a higher amount. And this could have been avoided if both parties had seen the market situation and the forecast generated automatically from the data when concluding the contract. 

Eldar Mamlin will talk more at the ITU Startup Central Eurasia Forum in Baku on 24-25 November:

— about Astana Hub's experience of passing the Scalerator accelerator; 

— the chosen business model for the B2B and B2C segments;

— how founders attracted angel investment using game theory;

— more about the SEEPACT ecosystem and the social responsibility declaration that the Kazakhstani company initiated last year.

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