Global Innovation Index 2022: Uzbekistan outperforms Kazakhstan

07 October, 2022


According to the Global Innovation Index 2022, Uzbekistan was ranked among the top innovative economies in Central and South Asia, behind India and Iran. It was ranked 82nd overall, pushing Kazakhstan into fourth place in the region and 83rd globally.

This year, Uzbekistan joined the group of dynamic innovators for the first time, demonstrating better innovation performance than would be expected given their level of economic development. It is worth noting that the country has only been featured in the study since 2020 thanks to the increased availability of innovation data.

Georgia – 74th position

Belarus – 77th position

Armenia – 80th position

Uzbekistan – 82nd place

Kazakhstan – 83th place

Azerbaijan – 93 place

Kyrgyzstan – 94th place

Tajikistan – 104th

The United States retains the lead in several key innovation indicators. They are followed by Hong Kong, China, Israel and Singapore.

The Global Innovation Index 2022 tracks the innovation ecosystem performance of 132 economies and current global innovation trends. A key objective of the GII is to support countries at all stages of development to strengthen their innovation ecosystems.


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