Astana Hub Battle winners receive $18 000 at Digital Bridge 2022

06 October, 2022


On 29 September, the Astana Hub Battle of technology start-ups took place at the Digital Bridge 2022 International Forum. 97 young IT companies from Central Asia competed for $10,000 (1st place), $5,000 (2nd place), $3,000 (3rd place) cash cheques to develop their IT product. 

The top 10 startups – Easy Tap,, NBfit, iDOS Games, MonSpark, Hero's Journey, BEEP, MultiCode, Cybionix, Loca – were selected for the final of the Astana Hub Battle, which took place during the Digital Bridge-2022 international forum. Around 800 spectators came to watch the final of the competition. 

The winners of Astana Hub Battle 2022:

1st place – NBfit, a Kyrgyz fitness service that helps women take care of their health and recover from childbirth. The co-founder is Syrga Tilekova. 

2nd place – startup Easy Tap, a Kazakhstani online service for booking part-time workers in the retail and hospitality business. Co-founder – Magzum Tolesh. 

3rd place – startup Cibionyx, a Kazakhstani service for creating a meta-unit of remote work for blue-collar workers. Founder – Petr Neustroev. 

Startups that already had a scalable working prototype and a team with at least two key participants competed for the title of the best project. This year more than 250 projects from Central Asia applied for participation in Astana Hub Battle.

Source: Astana Hub