Top 3 Accelerators in Europe: EIT Digital, HighTechXL, Startup Wise Guys

27 September, 2022


EIT Digital Accelerator 

EIT Digital Accelerator was founded in 2010 and is based in Belgium. After a 48-week programme, the accelerator has invested in more than 233 startups. The accelerator focuses on software development, information technology as well as health care. The focus of this accelerator is ScaleUp companies, to which it offers, in addition to the acceleration programme, a network of 130 partners to expand their business across Europe and beyond.  

EIT Digital is the knowledge and innovation community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which in turn runs programmes with other organisations. For example, the Investment Readiness Accelerator, looking for solutions that enable people to move more freely and safely around the city. 

Read more about the European Development Institute's ecosystem on the website


HighTechXL is a European business accelerator for hardware entrepreneurs. It was founded in 2013 and is based in the Netherlands. The accelerator lasts for 3 months and is suitable for funders involved in 3D printing, advanced materials development, energy, hardware and healthcare.

Read more about the accelerator here.

Startup Wise Guys 

Startup Wise Guys is one of the leading B2B startup accelerators in Europe. It was founded in 2012 and is based in Estonia, Italy, Denmark, Spain and Romania. The accelerator programme lasts about 5 months and is suitable for B2B startups in cybersecurity, enterprise software, fintech and sustainability.

As one of the Russian founders who went through the programme notes, the most difficult stage was discussing the Term Sheet and Legal Terms with the SWG team:

"Each accelerator has its own investment strategy, clear terms and a set of requirements for the agreement signed. For us, as a Russian company, the stumbling block was the incorporation in Lithuania and the transfer of intellectual property. We needed to register the company in Europe, so it would have exclusive licenses, technology rights and IP.” 


For more details on the accelerator and terms of participation, please follow this link.

Photo: EIT Digital

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