Astana Hub partnered with American cloud-company DigitalOcean

25 July, 2022


The international IT startup technology park Astana Hub is now partnering with DigitalOcean, which provides cloud loans for startups. Through the Hatch programme, Kazakhstani startups can receive loans of up to $1,000 for a year.

Hatch is a global programme from DigitalOcean that allows startups to grow and build infrastructure in the cloud. Startups that become part of this programme not only receive credits, but also access to technical training, mentoring and support from leading product engineers, solution engineers, developers and other experts.

Benefits also include access to the global Hatch community, marketing assistance via DigitalOcean media channels, and invitations to exclusive networking events.

In order to apply for the program, startups have to fill out an application form  and apply there by choosing DigitalOcean resource.

All Astana Hub member startups are eligible for the program. However, those who have previously received advertising credits from DigitalOcean cannot take part.

It should be noted that DigitalOcean is one of the most popular American companies providing cloud infrastructure rental services. The company helps developers, startups and SMEs to rapidly develop and scale applications. 

Source: Astana Hub

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