What authorities register legal entities in Kyrgyzstan?
State registration of legal entities in Kyrgyzstan is performed by the Ministry of Justice and its territorial divisions.
What should be done before submitting documents for registration?
Before submitting documents to the registration authority it is necessary to choose a company name. It is important to know that legal entities must use only letters of the Kyrgyz and Russian alphabets in their names in the state and official languages of the Kyrgyz Republic (KR) respectively, and letters of the Latin alphabet in English
What documents are required to register a legal entity ?
In order to register a legal entity, the following documents must be submitted to the registration authority: Registration statement; The decision of the participant(s) to found a legal entity; A copy of the participant's passport (if the participant is a natural person); A copy of the state registration certificate (in case the participant is a legal entity); A copy of the passport of the head of the legal entity; Other information in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.
What is the principle of registration in Kyrgyzstan ?
In Kyrgyzstan, state registration is based on the "one-stop" principle. This means that the company is registered and listed under the tax authority, the statistical authority and the Social Fund of Kyrgyzstan at the same time.
What do I need after passing the state registration?
After passing the state registration with the Kyrgyz Ministry of Justice (or its subdivision) the legal entity has to submit the necessary documents to the tax and Social Fund at the place of its location for registration.
How long does it take to register legal entities ?
State registration of legal entities by the Justice authorities is effected within 3 working days from the date of submitting all the necessary documents required by law to the relevant Justice body. Financial and credit institutions are registered by bodies of justice within 10 calendar days.
What do I need after receiving a registration certificate with its Tax Identification Number ?
After a Legal Entity receives a registration certificate with its Tax Identification Number (TIN) it can get a seal. Seals in Kyrgyzstan are made by private companies.
What is needed, if a foreign company wishes to register a legal entity?
If a foreign company wishes to register a legal entity in Kyrgyzstan, it must additionally provide a legalized/apostilled extract from the state Registry or another document certifying that it is a valid legal entity under the laws of its country.
What national taxes and fees are charged to legal entities in Kyrgyzstan?
The following national taxes and fees are levied on legal entities in Kyrgyzstan: Corporate income tax - 10%; Value added tax - 12%; Income tax - 10%; Tax on income at source in the Kyrgyz Republic received by a foreign organization not affiliated with a permanent establishment; 5 to 10%, depending on the rate; Excise tax; Sales Tax - 0 to 5%, depending on the entity doing business and the type of goods, work or services sold; Property tax - 0,35 % to 0,8 % of taxable base depending on the object of property; Land tax.
What does the company pay additionally?
Additionally, the company pays: Contributions for prevention and liquidation of emergencies - 1.5% of the value of sold products; Contributions for the development and reproduction of the mineral resource base - 2-15% of the cost of marketable products; Tax on the use of roads - 0.8% of the volume of marketable output (for industrial enterprises) or 0.08% of the turnover (for trade enterprises).
Where is the registration authority of Kyrgyzstan located?
Territorial subdivisions of the Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyzstan: ● Chui Bishkek Department of Justice (address: 25, Gorky str., Bishkek, 720005, telephone (0312) 591596, Fax (0312) 590622, chuimj@minjust.gov.kg); ● Osh Department of Justice (Address: 306, Lenin Street, 71400, Osh, telephone (03222)2- 80-28, shmj@minjust.gov.kg); Talas Oblast Department of Justice (address: 298 Zh. Tagaybayeva str., 724200, Talas, phone: (03422) 5-30-12, (03422) 5-31-00, talasmj@minjust.gov.kg) Justice Department of Naryn Oblast (address: 18, Mambetaly uulu Taranchy str., Naryn, 722600, telephone: (03522) 5-09-85, (03522) 5-13-85, narynmj@minjust.gov.kg) Batken Oblast Department of Justice (address: 34, 8th March Street, Batken, 715100, telephone: (03622) 5-00-60 , (03622) 5-00-62, batkenmj@minjust.gov.kg) Department of Justice of Issyk-Kul oblast (address: 105 Abdrakhmanov St., Karakol, 722360, telephone: (03922) 5-06-64, (03922) 5-23-27, ysykkolmj@minjust.gov.kg) Justice Department of Jalal-Abad Oblast (address: 129A Kyrgyz Republic str, 715600, Jalal-Abad, telephone: (03722)7-01-01, 7-00-04, jalalabadmj@minjust.gov.kg). A list of contacts of employees of the above-mentioned departments, as well as a list of state notary offices in Kyrgyzstan, is available here.
What documents are required to open a company account in a bank ?
In order to open an account, a legal entity must submit the following documents to the bank: Application for account opening, signed by the manager, chief accountant and certified by the seal; The Charter (Regulations) and the articles of incorporation (in case of several founders), which are registered by the Justice authorities; Certificate of registration with the Ministry of Justice; Document certifying the authority of the manager and accountant, on the right of first and second signature (such document may be a protocol of the meeting of founders or shareholders on the election of a particular person as the manager, and the decision of the founders or shareholders on the appointment of the head of the legal entity; order); A notarized card with sample signatures of persons authorized to dispose of the account and stamp of the legal entity (in duplicate); A certificate from the tax inspection for registration and absence of debts to the budget. Notification of registration with the Social Fund; A copy of the passports of the persons authorized to manage the account.
The list of banks that provide services to businesses in Kyrgyzstan:
FINCA Банк Бай-Тушум Банк КЫРГЫЗСТАН KICB Банк Компаньон Кыргызкоммерцбанк Керемет Банк Кыргызско-Швейцарский Банк РСК Банк Банк Азии Айыл Банк Аманбанк Бакай Банк Банк Пакистана Демир Банк Дос-Кредобанк Евразийский Сберегательный Банк Капитал Банк Толубай ФинансКредитБанк Халык Банк Кыргызстан ЭкоИсламикБанк
How does the Electronic Commerce Association of Kyrgyzstan promote business development on the Internet?
The development of business on the Internet is facilitated by the activities of the Association of E-Commerce in Kyrgyzstan. The Association represents the interests of online business in Kyrgyzstan, provides legal and informational support on e-commerce for members of the Association, and works to create a positive image of online shopping in Kyrgyzstan.
How many companies are members of the Association?
As of now, 15 internet companies in the country are members of the Association, among them: Namba (online cab Namba Taxi, Namba Food - round-the-clock delivery service of food, medicines , full-service advertising agency Namba Media); Balance - service combining e-wallet, online payments, card-to-card transfers, quick loans, etc.; Qoovee - B2B-platform for business; lalafo - ad service and others.
How do people feel about online shopping?
As of 2019, 90% of the money turnover in the country consisted of cash, and this is a significant barrier to the development of Internet commerce in the country. As recently as 2017, 95% of bank card transactions were cash withdrawals. Many people in Kyrgyzstan are still skeptical or do not know how to shop online.
What program helps startups from other countries to receive grants?
During development by the State Service for Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzpatent) - www.innovate.kg
What recruiting agencies are in Kyrgyzstan?
A list of recruiting agencies/resources in Kyrgyzstan that help find specialists to work on a startup/IT project: Employment.kg – website, where vacancies and CVs of specialists in all industries are posted; Job.Kg - Jobs from employers in Bishkek and throughout Kyrgyzstan; au.kg – website with a list of jobs from various industries in Kyrgyzstan; Центр Персонала Консалтинга и Рекрутинга – company for search, certification, training of personnel; Империя кадров - one of the largest recruitment agencies in Kyrgyzstan, selects and evaluates personnel competencies. Specialization - all areas of business.
what platforms for accelerating startups are in Kyrgyzstan?

The State Service for Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Government of Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzpatent, conducts competitions "Startup Kyrgyzstan" on a regular basis, according to the results of the first round projects were selected to participate in the acceleration program and they were awarded funding. Kyrgyzpatent also implements other programs and projects aimed at the development of the startup community, startup competencies, creation of startup financing mechanisms, access to markets, getting access to infrastructure for prototyping and testing.

The PEAK Business Innovation Centers are the result of the PEAK Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Program, which is funded by the UK government and aims to support the private sector in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The centers organize incubation and acceleration programs, assist startups, small and medium-sized businesses with consulting and mentoring, and offer co-working space.

Business Accelerator Accelerate Prosperity is an initiative of the Aga Khan Organization in Central and South Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan). The project offers grants funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of the Demigelү Zhashtar project and is aimed at developing entrepreneurial activity among young people. Several projects will receive up to $50,000 as a result of the acceleration program. In Kyrgyzstan, acceleration programs were implemented in Bishkek, Osh and Naryn.

The USAID office in Kyrgyzstan implements its programs for startups, including acceleration programs. In 2019, the Business Accelerator program from the USAID Competitive Enterprise project was launched.

John Galt Business Incubator - provides startups with co-working, mentorship and access to its own network of contacts. For example, in January 2020 John Galt launched a business project competition supported by UNDP Youth for Peace. Announced support - investments from 30,000 to 1,000,000 soms for the best projects.

Acceleration program of KG LABS, a public foundation for startup development in Central Asia. Mentors will help participants improve their ideas and then the projects will be presented to investors.

Business Professionals Network is a Swiss foundation that operates in Kyrgyzstan and runs a program for entrepreneurs. The program includes mentoring, training, networking, and equipment loans. The participants of the program are accompanied by professionals from Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan. The program also includes a number of workshops and training sessions, which are open to anyone interested.

E-learning Accelerator, a program for strengthening existing multimedia educational projects in Kyrgyzstan, was implemented in the fall of 2019. E-learning Accelerator is a joint initiative of the American University of Central Asia (based in Bishkek), the aha.kg platform, and the Prague Civic Center.

Talent StartUps is a training program offering practical knowledge and skills to implement a business idea. The business trainings of the program take place in 5 regions of Kyrgyzstan (Talas, Naryn, Karakol, Batken, Jalal-Abad) and are conducted by local trainers who already have experience in developing a business idea. The main prize for participants is the opportunity to receive up to 2,000 euros for the launch of a project at no cost.

In August 2020, Kyrgyzpatent and the High Tech Park of Kyrgyzstan together with other partners announced and launched the Startup Guide online event marathon, which aims to support startups in the country through the provision of educational materials, trainings and master classes.

What co-working spaces are in Kyrgyzstan?

Name - Ololohaus Victory

Address - Business Center Victory,Street. Ibraimova 103 st, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

WEB-address - https://ololo.city/ 

Overview - https://www.coworker.com/kyrgyzstan/bishkek/ololohaus-victory 

Working Hours - Mon: 8:30- 24:00, Sat: 9:00- 23:30, Sundays: 9:00- 23:30

Rental price of a fixed workplace - KGS 8000.00 / 1 month 

Rental price of a workplace in Open Space - KGS 8000.00 / 1 week-week 

Availability of personal office space - KGS 27000.00 / 1 month 

Availability of rooms for meetings - yes

Name - ololohausManas

Address - 29 Alex Cycling, Manas, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

WEB-address - https://ololo.city/ 

Overview - https://www.coworker.com/kyrgyzstan/bishkek/ololohausmanas 

Working Hours - Mon: 8:30- 21:00, Sat: 9:00- 18:00, Sunday. - 9:00-18:00

Price for renting a fixed desk - KGS 8000.00 / 1 month

Open Space Rental Price - KGS 8000.00 / 1Week 

Availability of private office space - KGS 27000.00 / 1 month 

Availability of meeting rooms - yes

Name - Ololohaus Victory

Address - Business Center Victory,Street. Ibraimova 103 st, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

WEB-address - https://ololo.city/ 

Overview - https://www.coworker.com/kyrgyzstan/bishkek/ololohaus-victory 

Working hours - Mon: 8:30- 24:00, Sat: 9:00- 23:30, Sundays: 9:00- 23:30

Price for rent of a fixed working place - KGS 8000.00 / 1 month

Open Space Rental price - KGS 8000.00 / 1 week 

Availability of personal office space - KGS 27000.00 / 1 month 

Availability of meeting rooms – yes

How to attract investments for a startup in Kyrgyzstan?

"I Invest in Kyrgyzstan". (Instagram page) is an organization led by Chygyz Makeshov to attract direct investment in startups and existing businesses in Kyrgyzstan. A platform where businesses get money and investors get reliable projects. In addition to investing and matting, the organization teaches aspiring entrepreneurs the basics of business.

The Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund is an organization that helps innovative projects aimed not only at commercial benefits, but also at creating jobs, increasing industrial production and developing local communities. In August 2019, the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund launched a startup funding program. As stated, the startups applying for funding under the program should belong to the sphere of agricultural products processing, sewing, textile, manufacturing, processing industry, tourism, IT sphere. The funding for the projects is 70 million soms, 10 million for each oblast of Kyrgyzstan.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Azat Isakunov's “Jashoo Bulagy Invest” investment program implements the "One Million Dollars for Start-ups" project. The project will invest $1,000,000 in unique, innovative, creative and promising projects and business ideas in Kyrgyzstan. You can apply to participate until December 20, 2020.

What is the possibility of using blockchain technology in Kyrgyzstan?

As of 2020, the legal status of cryptocurrencies in Kyrgyzstan is not defined and there is no regulation of the sphere. However, according to the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan, cryptocurrency transactions exist in the country.


At the same time, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan has already approved the introduction of a tax on mining. The rate of 15% is calculated from the cost of electricity, and includes VAT and sales tax.


The use of blockchain in Kyrgyzstan


As for blockchain technology, its practical implementation was carried out in a trout fishery in Kyrgyzstan's Kemin district. The blockchain-based system allows the process of growing, feeding, harvesting, processing, sorting and transporting trout to dealers/consumers to be tracked, as well as information on the health of fish, what vaccinations they received and other data, indicating where and when this was done. With blockchain, the entire path of a trout from the pond to the final consumer can be tracked.