How to Outsource Development of Your App

27 May, 2021

If you are a non-technical person with an idea for an app, you’re probably looking for a technical co-founder to help you build the app. However, you can launch a tech startup by outsourcing code! In the early days of your startup it can be challenging to attract a technical co-founder to build your app. But by knowing how to efficiently outsource the building of your MVP and gain some traction, you can de-risk the opportunity for the tech person and change the conversation from "I Need You" to "Here's an Opportunity". In this webinar, the speaker will discuss the best way to outsource the development of your app, including: 1) Why outsourcing may be the best way to find a technical co-founder 2) Outsourcing best practices 3) How not get ripped off in the process and more!